Radley Balko

I went to see Radley Balko at Vanderbilt tonight. He was taller than I expected. I’m going to write something up for Pith, but I wanted to say, on the side, that I was in awe of his ability to engage ill-phrased questions that had some nugget of something interesting at their core while just shutting down some of the conspiratorial nonsense about like 9/11 and Pat Tillman.

I would never in a million years have the finesse to pull that off.


5 thoughts on “Radley Balko

  1. What I like about Balko is his honesty, intellectual honesty, in dealing with liberals. Where his alma mater, Reason Magazine, is (or at least has become of late) fond of using only the wackiest, lunatic fringe in left-wing thought to bolster its own arguments, Balko wants his critics to be at least as smart as he is. If they aren’t, he pretends they are by identifying those interesting nuggets.

  2. Which is a style I tried to take on when I used to cover the legislature in Tennessee, like “here’s the argument that Rep. Crazy IS making for his bill. But don’t worry about that because here’s the argument he SHOULD BE making. Now let’s talk about whether or not that holds up.”

  3. The man has the most appropriate blog title I’ve ever visited. I never fail to be agitated after I read his posts.

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  5. Charles, it was really interesting. Since the libertarian group on campus hosted it, the crack-pot ideas were mostly from libertarians. That was really interesting, to see how their crack-pots differ from the liberal and conservative crack-pots.

    But I did think he was really excellent. I really wish that I trusted that the people making and implementing these policies were even half as thoughtful as Balko.

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