Miranda Lambert is Not a Feminist, But…

She’s the only celebrity I’ve heard of who objected to Chris Brown at the Grammy’s.

Country singer Miranda Lambert doesn’t get why controversial R&B star Chris Brown was allowed to perform twice at the Grammys on Sunday.

She tweeted on Monday: “He beat on a girl…not cool that we act like that didn’t happen.”

But, you know, if they’d said “We’re not going to bring up on stage anyone who’s a known domestic abuser,” it would have made the Glen Campbell stuff very strange.

Heh. Maybe instead of not letting them up on stage, the Grammy’s should have just taken a moment to invite them all up on stage–anyone who’s known for violence against women. Just to illustrate the depths of the problem.

That would have been interesting.

Anyway, if “I’m not a feminist” means a willingness to speak out against domestic violence, then I welcome “I’m not a feminist”s to the feminist fold.

7 thoughts on “Miranda Lambert is Not a Feminist, But…

  1. A lot of people I follow were really vocal about it. Wil Wheaton, Kevin Smith…trying to think of who else. But I guess they weren’t music celebrities. All of whom are mum on the issue, strangely. I wonder if that has something to do with everyone wanting to share agents or labels or something. Like “I don’t want to piss off Chris Brown’s label because I may record there some day”.

  2. I believe Glen hasn’t beaten anyone up for a good while now. Decades, even. If Chris Brown goes that long behaving himself, I say give him a chance to sing on the Grammys again.

    I’m pleased to see Miranda Lambert being her feisty self, but I’m puzzled that Glen Campbell got more notice from the Grammys than he did from the various country awards shows this past year.

  3. Coble, I’m glad to hear that. The silence from the music industry was so deafening, I guess it caused me to not hear what Wheaton and Smith were saying.

    I’m not sure what the issue is, except that I think there are a lot of nasty people that record companies have a lot of money wrapped up in, and if they start caving on one kind of nastiness, maybe they’re afraid they’ll have to cave on other things and that might hurt their bottom line?

    I can’t believe, though, that there’s not some other kid out there who can sing and dance as well as Chris Brown and who hasn’t beaten anyone, who could maybe use a shot.

    NM, I kind of feel like country music has a weird fallow period–like they’ll honor the fuck out of you if you’re in, say, the EmmyLou Harris period of your life–older than you were, but vibrant and active–and they’ll practically shake the gates of Heaven open for you once you’re dead, but god forbid you get old and sick but don’t quickly die, because they stay away like it’s contagious. Not that Glenn Campbell and EmmyLou Harris are the same age. She’s just the person who came to mind as someone that everyone loves to remind each other how great she is.

    Or maybe that’s just my misperception.

  4. Well, she lives here and he doesn’t, which certainly enters into it at the Nashville end. But the ACM awards were specifically started as a showcase for the Bakersfield and other California artists who kept getting shut out of the CMAs, which makes the neglect of him there particularly shocking.

    Anyway, Miranda = teh utmost cooliosity.

  5. If she admitted towards any degree of feminism at all, she’d be blackballed from the entertainment industry (thanks, grumpy old men who run the world!) and allowed only a career as a niche-freak (like Helen Reddy, sad to say).

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