Busy Sunday

I reviewed my park. I saved an asshole’s unleashed dog from Mrs. Wigglebottom. I wrote a post on the apparent death of 287(g). I revised a piece on the Masonic Lodge. I lowered the price of the Kindle Version of A City of Ghosts to $2.99. I lowered the price of thebook book to $12.99. I struggled but finally got The Witch’s Friend formatted and uploaded to Kindle. It’s off the web, so I hope you guys already read your fill of it. Otherwise, it’s going to cost you $1.99. I wrote a thank you note to the Masons. And I ate a bunch of cookie dough.

The only thing left on my to-do list is dishes. Not that saving asshole’s dogs or eating cookie dough were on my to-do list, but you have to have a little flexibility when the day calls for it.

So, yes, formatting your own book for Kindle. You know all that stuff that Microsoft tries to make Word do automatically for you that any reasonable person tries to immediately shut off? Formatting your own stuff for Kindle is basically an exercise in giving yourself over to all that nonsense–style sheets, automatic tables of contents, etc.–then saving it as HTML, uploading it, trying to guess, based on the preview, whether any of those things have actually taken, reworking things, uploading, and previewing again.

I’m sure it looks like crap, but it’s up. And will be available at Amazon as soon as they do all their processing.

Weirdly, I’ve been selling about a book a week on average in 2012. So, that’s nice.

Thank you, whoever is buying. I hope you’re enjoying it.

7 thoughts on “Busy Sunday

  1. Don’t you mean saving Mrs. Wiggle bottom from some asshole’s unleashed dog? Because the unleashed dog could have created all kinds of trauma–for which Poor Mrs. W would’ve been blamed because she is Satan’s Own Pedigree. Even defending her territory against unlawful aggression is “wrong” for Pits.

  2. Yeah, that was my first thought. But this was also the first time in her life that I’ve seen her deliberately put herself between me and anything she thought might be a danger to me.

    In general, if there’s trouble, she’s content to let me handle it.

    I was really afraid Mrs. W. was just going to end that dog.

    But yet again, I noticed that, while I thought Mrs. W.’s body language was as clear as can be, the other dog did not pick up on it at all. Her whole life I’ve noticed this–there seems to be some disconnect between what I know her body language means (because I’ve lived with her so long) and what other dogs think it means.

    And yet, dogs HAVE to read each others’ body language in order to get along. It makes me wonder if whether the ways we’ve bred pit bulls has given them, for lack of a better term, an accent that’s hard for other dogs to understand.

  3. I’m the book buyer a couple of weeks ago! The only problem now is finding the right time to read it-I usually read in the evenings but I’ve discovered that it’s just too creepy for before bed reading-even though I’ve read the stories before.

    As for dog body language, some dogs are illiterate and some dogs are just plain rude. I like Dr Trisha McDonnell’s blog (http://www.theotherendoftheleash.com/) for dog behavior discussions. And the comments are as good as the ones here.

  4. Just in case-I’m not implying that Mrs W is rude or illiterate to dog body language. In dog-speak, charging straight at someone you don’t know is a major threat. Which is probably why she was going to protect you from that dog.
    Also ‘playing’ by trying to put their feet over another dog’s shoulders is an aggressive move-unless they’re BFFs and are okay with it. Kinda like a guy you don’t know insisting on getting all huggy and grabby. Then whining that he’s just being friendly when he’s told to back off.

  5. Oh, no problem! I think Mrs. W. is illiterate and it comes across as rude. I knew what you were getting at.

    But yeah, also, running straight at us was rude on that other dog’s part.

    Mrs. W., when she’s super-pissed, sits down. Not a regular sit, but where she’s clearly sitting on one haunch. I don’t know how to explain it. But she’s usually got her right butt cheek on the ground and she kind of makes this S shape, as if she’s waiting to whip her head around and bite the fuck out of you.

    I know of no other dog who does that, but I think it’s because her back end is tender (from the surgery and the arthritis) so she’s trying to tuck it out of the way so that her soon-to-be opponent can’t get to it. But I also wonder if it’s not a warning. Since dogs approach from the side in order to signal respect and non-aggression, maybe she’s trying to make it clear that there’s literally no direction from which a dog can approach her that she wouldn’t perceive as rude?

    And she sat when this fucker ran at us, which is how I knew, if he got to her, she was going to try to end him.

  6. Well, generally sitting down is considered a calming signal but for Mrs W it could well be a defensive move. If she was staring it’s a “Cut it out, fucker” move for sure. Looking away is a more dismissive/calming move.

    I need to get out and have my dogs interact with others. (I live rural.) Then I won’t go all dog geeky at you and Mrs W.

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