Argh, Toby Keith!!!!!

Yes, the song is rock-stupid. Yes, the video features a dude drinking another dude’s pee. Yes, it is filled with smug people, including Toby Keith, doing smug shit.

But here’s what drives me crazy about this song. This is a novelty song. It is literally a piece of shit song you poop out when you have a little studio time and the musicians booked and nothing important is ready to record. This is the musical equivalent of Cheetos. And, like Cheetos, I expect to not have to think about it too hard.

But I will be damned if Keith’s voice doesn’t sound simply beautiful here.  It’s such a dumb song. A literal time-burner and his voice is clear and lovely and just perfect.

It’s like he’s just flaunting it. “I can even make a shitty song better than you can, Nashville.”

I roll my eyes and admire it at the same time.

12 thoughts on “Argh, Toby Keith!!!!!

  1. Yeah, i was going to say, Toby Keith does not give a shit if he’s remembered as the “Red Solo Cup” guy, since he did it better than any of his peers could have.

  2. But this is Toby Keith’s problem across the board. He’s got that voice, and that songwriting ability, and he ought, I think, to be my favorite male country singer out there currently. But he takes that immense talent and wastes it on an oeuvre centered on putting women down and jingoistic rants. You know, B, most people whose career consisted primarily of those two elements you would not bother referring to on this blog, and I would not bother tearing my hair out wishing he was living up to his gifts. It’s a shame.

  3. NM, I agree. But when i hear how clearly he hits that note on the “ty” part of “party” I just can’t help but wish someone would kidnap him and force him to record songs I like.

    I mean, he’s got a voice that works on me like Don Williams’ voice–just rich and beautiful and full. But, unlike Williams, Keith will not give me a way into his music that doesn’t require me to hold my nose.

    And I’m sure Williams and I have VERY different world-views. I even hear it in some of his songs. But listening to him doesn’t feel like listening to a guy who wants the world to prove itself worthy of him and his buddies, who are clearly jerks.

    I don’t listen to Keith on purpose any more, but this song just encapsulates why I can’t turn the channel when I catch him on accident.

  4. You know, we’re so aware of artists who waste great talents because of drugs or drinking or what have you. But not that many can say that it’s not substance abuse, it’s just being a natural-born jerk. Toby Keith, on the other hand, seems to say it proudly.

  5. The man could sing the phone book and it’d be good!!!!! And yes, I’m sure he’s laughing his butt off all the way to the bank! Songs stupid ( but I love it) Toby’s not!!!!

  6. B, I had never, ever heard this damn song until yesterday when I read this post. I was happy with that state of affairs. I knew it existed, in the same way I know tse tse flies exist, only I have to put their names in crossword puzzles sometimes, so it’s occasionally useful to know about them.

    But now, I come into work this morning and what is the heretofore innocent vessel I use to water my desk plant? Why a freakin’ red solo cup, of course, and an giant EARWORM attack began, which has not ceased for the last two hours plus.

    I blame you.

  7. I heard this while cleaning the practice space. I got to the Freddie Mac line, and I was pretty sure who wrote it. Bleh.

    Yeah he’s a good singer, he just makes my skin crawl.

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