Things that Delight Me

1. President Obama being urged by BB King to sing “Sweet Home Chicago.”

2. The back of the paperback edition of Meeting Jimmie Rodgers has a quote from the Scene, “If you write about music, you should read this book. If you are a fan of American music, you should read this book.” That’s me! I wrote that! Someone at Oxford thought my words would influence you to buy that book. That is hilarious and awesome. If I do have the power to influence you to buy things, I’m going to start talking a lot more about baked goods here at Tiny Cat Pants.

3. A story about the Blue Fugates! I’m sad that they’ve had to endure jokes about in-breeding. Really, anyone whose family has been here prior to about 1880 is probably “kin to themselves” so maybe we should stop being assholes about it.

4. I wholly approve of efforts to make the Tennessee Purple Coneflower one of our state wildflowers.

3 thoughts on “Things that Delight Me

  1. It is Buddy Guy! When I heard it on WPLN this morning, it was so obvious that it was Buddy Guy. But apparently I have some disorder that, when I see BB King and then hear an old guy, that old guy is BB King, because, I swear, when I watched this, it sounded just like BB King.

    I’m sure scientists are lining up outside my door right now to study this weird phenomenon.

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