6 thoughts on “Nashville, Put this On Your List

  1. Oh, I saw photos of Patricia Piccinini’s work awhile back and would love to get to see it in person. Wish I was in Nashville!

  2. I think we’re going this weekend and I am totally stoked. I was supposed to go to the preview on Thursday, but just wasn’t up to it.

    Anyway, Sam, you guys should come. Even if you just did it in three days (drove down one day, sight-seed all the next, drove back a third) there’s a ton of interesting stuff to see right downtown–the Frist, our awesome library, etc. And I would love to take you for a tour.

  3. Thanks, B. I think I might’ve talked my wife into it. She has family in E. Kentucky, so her only condition will be a stop there before or after Nashville. It’s doable.

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