Davy Jones Gone, I Suppose, to Davy Jones’s Locker

The amount of time I spent watching The Monkees as a kid… man, how many sick days were spent with me curled up either on the couch or in a Laz-y-boy watching The Monkees. Davy was my favorite, at first, though I later shifted to Peter.

They’re so young, now. You don’t see it when you’re a kid, but now that I’m older, they look like babies.

My cousin M. taught me to French kiss in my parents’ trailer when she showed me on a pillow she was pretending was Davy Jones. I didn’t really get what the fuss was, but I thought, if that’s the kind of thing The Monkees like, then I’ll learn, damn it.

I know they weren’t a “real” band, but I still liked them. Rest in peace, Davy.

This is my favorite song:

10 thoughts on “Davy Jones Gone, I Suppose, to Davy Jones’s Locker

  1. Again, a comment of staggering irrelevance, but when I read Pith this morning, they had mistakenly tagged your origin of AIDS post with “monkees” instead of “monkeys.” I had a brief desire to fit this into Stacey’s origin theory, but I put my head down and it passed.

    More to the point, RIP Davy. I saw them on a reunion tour in the late 80s at the UT Alumni Gym. They rocked, at least to 14-year-old me.

  2. That would have been hilarious. Practically blasphemous, but hilarious.

    I think the problem is that monkey is one way, chimpanzee is another, and Monkees is so easy to type when you have both monkey and chimpanzee in mind.

  3. Well I’m definitely loving that poncho-dashiki thing Mickey’s wearing.

    Watching a bunch of their clips today I’m reminded how consistently good their music was. Sure, it’s not the deepest stuff in the world. It’s fun pop. But it’s really good fun pop.

    Here: The Monkees sing Nilsson, with bonus wiggly dancing by Davy:

  4. Cause my girl don’t love me no how!

    That was a good one. For all the grief they got about being manufactured, they sure were manufactured in very strange and delightful ways.

  5. Since I heard the news, I’ve had “(I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone” as an earworm. Their music was great – It still holds up today, the harmonies, the melodies… just great stuff.

    Axl Rose owes his moves to Davy.

  6. I was looking at who wrote their songs–Neil Diamond, Carole King, other big songwriting names. It’s just hard to accept that they’re somehow not considered a real band.

  7. Surely they weren’t the first band to be *put together* by outside influences – but I think the public knowledge that they were a packaged product at the beginning gave them that stigma. A goofy show aimed at teenagers probably didn’t help.

    But yeah, at least they had those great songwriters behind their music – if not, I suppose we wouldn’t be sitting here discussing them so fondly.

  8. Back in the day the Monkees connected primarily with preteens, not teenagers. A lot of the disparagement at the time came from the slightly older crowd who felt a little insulted that music for 12-year-olds was being aimed at them. No danger, ya know. OTOH, they had more solidity than Herman’s Hermits (the band they replaced as teenybop idol-heart-throbs who got Carole King songs).

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