I am tired of hearing about how “good” people who act like cruel assholes are. How much they care.

Guess what? If you tell gay kids that they’re going to hell and that they aren’t welcome in your high school, you aren’t good.

If you tell pregnant teenagers that their lives are over and that they’re going to be homeless, you aren’t good.

And I am truly disturbed that people in this woman’s community seem to think there’s nothing wrong with her continuing to have a job where she has power over the very kids she hates.


The Birds Say It’s Spring

So, I guess that was winter. I think we had snow for a grand total of 43 minutes. The birds are loud and reckless in their pursuits of each other. On our walk, I saw birds I didn’t even know we had in the neighborhood coupling off–geese and some tiny brown things. The mocking birds are putting on a full show for each other.

And that purple stuff in the yard is in bloom.

It makes me nervous about what summer has in store.

Oh, but I am totally stoked about what came in the mail yesterday. I got my own copy of Life on the Mississippi, because you know I’m going to want to be rereading that thing, Chesya Burke’s Let’s Play White, which is just gorgeously designed. Cannot wait to get into that. I’ve been wanting to read it since I read about it at Io9. And I got the new edition of The Wake Forest Book of Irish Women’s Poetry which I was expecting to be similar in size to the book I lost in the flood, but no! It’s huge! I cannot believe it’s only $20.

I think my new rule is going to be to try to be sure to buy books from small publishers when I can afford it. I love my library, obviously, but one sale for Burke or for Wake Forest is a much bigger deal than one sale for Stephen King, you know?