Most Days

I had a nice thought while walking the dog this morning, which is that I do get out there and walk her most days. Not when it’s raining or it has been raining and is too muddy, but most days.

I just learned of the existence of Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery, who says something like “One hundred years ago, Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery produced the finest Tennessee whiskey. Soon it will again.” I am excited. Not just because this kind of repurposing of history suits me (Yes, I’m still hoping to one day open Dr Jack’s–serving Nashville on and off since 1840.), but because it just makes good sense for there to be a bunch of whiskey distilleries in Tennessee.

My tick bite is still annoying, but I have webMD’d the shit out of tick bites and apparently, unless I start running a fever, there’s nothing much to be done. Still, I can’t stop touching it.