6 thoughts on “For the Raven Lovers

  1. Heck, I’m sad. I love corvids, but this story left me cold (and kind of confused). I think too linearly, probably. My loss, since the language was lovely.

  2. I KNOW! I wanted to love it. Sigh.

    Maybe all the GRRM I’m reading right now is making me expect 18,000 pages of backstory to the characters.

  3. Oh, yeah, that explains it. To try to go from him to a story where the story itself can’t exactly be nailed down, and the characters seem iffy and to hold together strangely, would be disconcerting.

  4. I really should’ve taken a break between the first and second books. But I didn’t and now I’m invested in the second one pretty hard. But after this, I’m totally reading the Orphans Tale!

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