The Fireplace

I don’t know how well you can tell from this photo, but I noticed it on our walk this morning and I wanted to share it. And then I got caught up in my four-thing three thing list. Okay, see where there’s the pile of wood? And then there’s a swath of the purple stuff? And then there’s some dormant grass that is a light oat color, and then there’s another swath of the purple stuff?

This is how Mrs. Wigglebottom and I have already impacted our surroundings. That light part? Is the path we walk every morning. I guess our passing through twice a day is enough to make it less habitable to the purple stuff, so it just doesn’t grow where we walk.

So the one thing I saw in Hannah that I would be completely remiss to mention because now I want it with my whole heart, is this fireplace. When Hannah and her dad are hiding in the arctic, they live in this cabin, the whole back wall of which appears to be a giant fireplace which they regularly sit inside of for warmth. It could possibly be better described as a small stone room with fire in one corner than just a fireplace.

Sure, it’d be an added bonus if the fireplace included Eric Bana, but even if not, man, I want that fireplace.

12 thoughts on “The Fireplace

  1. Man, I just cannot find a good picture of the fireplace online. This comes about the closest:

    In the first set of pictures, you see Eric Bana first with the camera shooting from within the fire place but with him on the seat that is also in the fireplace.

    And then he’s sitting outside the fireplace, but you can see the bench he was on in the first shot.

  2. I was thinking of the Citizen Kane fireplace, for some reason, and those beautiful things that nm linked to completely surprised me. Now I want one.

  3. Very old school, northern European. A bunch of pubs and the like in northern England have fireplaces like I think you’re describing. Tall enough to stand it, with seating inside the arch of it? Most often found in castles and such, but the farther north you go, it seems the bigger the fireplace gets even if the house is small.

  4. After this weekend, I am forced to believe that even Eric Bana could not improve time with my parents when they’re in this mood. I’d just be mortified for him to see them acting that way.

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