Three Things

1. Since my rule of thumb is to run all rumors of government incompetence by libertarians (because they will have already heard the rumor and probably tested it themselves), when I saw this video about how easy it is to get metal objects through the full-body scanners at the airport, I asked Blake Wylie about it and, while he hadn’t seen this video, he pointed me to Adam Savage from Mythbusters accidentally making a similar discovery. Apparently there is no metal detector component to the full body scanners. All detection is done visually. So you can accidentally or intentionally hide metal from the scanner by placing it on your side, where it will blend in with the black background. Holy shit!

2. I’m a liberal heathen, so take my opinion with that grain of salt, but I think it would be a mistake for folks at a state or national level to assume that Santorum won here because social conservatism is so popular in Tennessee. What would I make of a Santorum victory? Romney can’t motivate Republicans to come to the polls. I think that’s a scary enough message. Trying to suss out the “why”s doesn’t really matter.

3. Speaking of politics, sometimes people say things and you realize “Oh, the people of Tennessee probably weren’t wrong to purge the Democrats.” I wrote about this for Pith last night, but I don’t know how soon it’s going to be up. If ever you, as a white person, are tempted to complain that something happened to you and thus you were treated like a black person, don’t do it. Even if you think you have some social justice point to make. Even if you think you are signalling that you now better understand the plight of black people. Even if you don’t mean black people now, but ones a hundred years ago. DO NOT DO IT. Complaining that you were wrongfully treated like a black person sounds racist as fuck. Do not do it. Plus all the shit I get into at Pith about how having to cast a provisional ballot is just not the same as knowing you might be killed for voting.

4. Speaking of Pith, I wrote this thing–“Where Are All the Women Writers?” which you should read if you somehow haven’t read it when I wrote it here. Ha ha ha.

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  2. We never will, of course, but I’d be interested in knowing how many of those votes were actually *for* Santorum and how many were from people who were just fucking with the Republican party.

  3. Lincoln Davis has always been a goofball. I was constantly amazed that he kept being elected to office.

  4. My Lincoln Davis post is up:

    Scott, the Butcher voted in the Republican primary, which I thought was to give Santorum a boost, but he wanted to vote for some dude I hadn’t even known was running–Buddy someone?–because the Butcher thought that he was the best Republican candidate. I think he’s the only Democrat to cross over to do that.

    Ann, honestly, at some point don’t you just want to say “The world doesn’t work by human sacrifice.”? I mean, at least Christians shouldn’t believe it does, but the amount of Christian politicians who seems to believe that inflicting suffering on people (by not letting gay people be or by punishing single moms) pleases God is disturbing to me.

    Min, no kidding!

  5. I voted for Ron Paul, partly to frak with the GOP and partly because he’s got the most sensible foreign policy(Non-intervention)
    And two buddies, both even bigger pinko-liberal-commies than I also voted for Paul for the same reasons.
    However, we’ll all vote for Obama in November. Paul’s domestic policies are dead wrong, and all the other GOP folks are…well, you know….Republican/TPers.

  6. On point #1, the purpose of the scanners is not to stop terrorists. The purpose of the scanners is to be purchased with taxpayer dollars. The purpose of the ‘enhanced patdowns’ is to bully the public into going through the scanners, thereby justifying their purchase.

  7. “but the amount of Christian politicians who seems to believe that inflicting suffering on people (by not letting gay people be or by punishing single moms) pleases God”

    I blame the Puritans.

    “Paul’s domestic policies are dead wrong”

    Indeed. Ron Paul’s domestic policies would have the effect of destabilizing the U.S. government.

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