She Come Walking Over

Here is my question. Here you have this song that is filled with a kind of stoner aesthtetic. It builds and builds with a desire that can’t quite get off the couch. It’s like slow, slow, rising tension, rising tension, drop back down. Slow build, slow build, drop back into a kind of funky guitar solo. Clearly, someone wants to get laid, but let’s be honest, each thrust has got to take like a minute, if he can even get it up. And just when you think nothing, nothing at all is going to happen at a pace that allows anything to happen for you and maybe your time would be better spent thinking about dinner, it builds one more time and then… I’m sorry. But isn’t this just the best fucking thing ever?

Okay, not best. But most surprising thing? Of all the ways you expect this song to end, do you expect it to end with the noises a kid makes when he’s talking to you through a bunch of milk bubbles?

This has to be the greatest WTF moment of 20th century music.

One thought on “She Come Walking Over

  1. Interesting Observations, I would like to hear your critique of ” Inna Godda Davida ” by Iron Butterfly.

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