Consider Me Skeptical

I’m having a hard time believing there’s that much to say about Yeats. Does that get me kicked out of English departments everywhere? But look at the thickness of those books. His biography is two volumes!

I just don’t believe there can be that much to say about anyone.

But we’ll see.

Short on Romney

Yes, he lost Alabama and Mississippi. No, this is not surprising. As I said, like it or not, most Christians do not consider him Christian. Christians that would not have a problem voting for someone they don’t perceive as Christian do not, in general, live in the South. Even among the ones who do, they are going to be uncomfortable voting for a man they “know” is not Christian who “lies” and says that he is.

In a way, this is hilarious payback for ten years of anti-Muslim hysteria. You have a candidate whose religion is premised on the importance of Christianity but builds off it to include further revelations and corrections. Too bad you’ve spent a decade calling folks like that terrorists.

You Can be Banned from YouTube?!

Birdcloud, a local band the Butcher loves, is in the middle of a YouTube controversy. Their song. “Saving Myself for Jesus” has been banned and they’ve just lost the appeal. It’s not clear to me what community guidelines they could be violating. Is the song sexually explicit? Yes. Did it take me three seconds to find Lucile Bogan’s “Shave ‘Em Dry” up at YouTube? Yes, but only because I was typing slowly. Do they think it’s hate speech? Possibly, but this seems to me to be then a willful misreading of the song, since it’s not making fun of anyone’s religion. It’s making fun of the rampant hypocrisy in this culture of people who profess to be Christians but who have made for themselves enormous loopholes that still let them carry on in all kinds of ways that have to be immoral according to their own beliefs.

If pointing out hypocrisy is now considered hate speech, I have to laugh.