Why, Yes

I am listening to Buffalo Clover and The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band shuffled together like it’s all one project, and I have to say, if The Flying Buffalo Bulgar Clover Klezmer Band were real, I would listen to them until my ears wore out. I feel like such a dork about Buffalo Clover because that chick is the Butcher’s friend from high school and yet, I am totally digging them as if they’re a real band. I mean, they are a real band. But my god, “it’s like a Janice Joplin/The Doors/Someone Else I can’t quite put my finger on tribute album” is something I cannot resist. I’m not strong enough, people. I like them as if the Butcher does not know her. (If you were going to buy just one song, I’d recommend “Good Man” which is just an ass-shaker, like if Nancy Sinatra and the Monkees had a baby. I don’t see it on YouTube though.)

And obviously, anything that includes a tuba is going to be music I love.

And see? Don’t they kind of go together in some weird way? I’m digging it anyway. I will never listen as broadly as the Butcher does. It’s just not possible. Plus I don’t really get classical music. I can listen and appreciate that it’s beautiful and technically good, but it just does nothing for me. It’s like a whole main branch of music just doesn’t resonate with my soul. So, yes, every time I’m asking you to listen to some weird thing recorded off a scratchy 78 and you’re like “My god, what is this crap and how can anyone like it?” and I’m all “It’s good. Just give it a chance,” you can enjoy knowing that I don’t give two shits about classical music and never will.

Edited to add: While I’m expressing strong opinions that make no sense, let me also state that I believe klezmer music is the only good use for a clarinet. Everything else should be handed off to the oboe, bassoon, or base clarinet. Or some member of the saxophone family.

8 thoughts on “Why, Yes

  1. OK, if you like tubas and klezmer bands, you might like Zlatne Uste. They don’t play klezmer, they play Balkan music, which is similar but not identical, and they have a tuba! Plus, if you like them, you can listen to them and know that one of them went to high school with me so they will go well in your category of “bands whose members went to high school with people I know.” Here’s a clip

    , if it embeds right.

    Plus you are wrong about clarinets.

  2. Oboists walk around with their reeds in their mouths all the time. That’s way too dorky to work in jazz.

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