History Day of History

I went to the Buchanan Log Home for a meeting on the Buchanan Station Cemetery. The Buchanans of the Log Home are not the Buchanans of the Station but they’ve adopted those dead folks and look after them, so you know I appreciate that. The log home was beautiful, but I couldn’t really figure out how to take a picture of what I wanted to show you. Basically, the one with the log wall meeting the wallpapered wall gets at it.

Then I ran up to Dover because I was going to get a picture of those wooden crosses, god damn it. And it was me and the thunder and possibly the coolest cemetery I have been to in ages. The crosses seem both to mark graves and to mark where gravestones were. It also appears that the people of Dover attempted so weird terrace burials? I didn’t quite know what to make of that. And there’s a pile of Confederates in there who, if I’m understanding the marker right, never got dug back up and reburied properly, which is a little unusual for Tennessee. If there’s one thing Tennesseans love other than putting cool shit under water, it’s digging up dead people and moving them.

I also saw this cool house that is falling down.

Everything crumbles, I know. But sometimes I wish we made more of an effort to figure out how to combine the log wall with the wallpapered wall with the modern kitchen etc. You know?