Things More Interesting than Hay Fever

1. Southern Beale has a story we were talking about on Twitter last night. The news coverage was so weird. Everyone was like “We have no idea how this could have happened” but the people had, by my count, two Confederate flags. Don’t get me wrong. Dude should go to jail. He could have killed children. But it seems really strange that no one has any idea why he might have been pissed at his neighbors. I mean, I can come up with one possibility and that’s just going by what I saw.

2. I have really mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, people need jobs. On the other hand, these are exactly the kinds of repetitive bullshitty jobs that should be being done by robots.

3. I don’t quite understand this story.

4. I’m with Newscoma. “Seeing an elected leader go from jail to house session in just a matter of hours and getting a warm reception is rather off-putting.” Jeff Woods says there was even a fist-bump. I wonder if the fist-bumper noticed any bruises or abrasions on Hawk’s knuckles. After all, it had been less than 48 hours.

5. I also agree with Rachel Walden, but I have to admit, I have no hope of this stuff doing any good. I think the point is to make doctors afraid and to intimidate women. Pointing out that it will do that is just like pointing out that ice cream is delicious.

6. This is an indispensable argument for why the photo-ID law may have a hard time standing up to Tennessee constitutional muster.

14 thoughts on “Things More Interesting than Hay Fever

  1. “Pointing out that it will do that is just like pointing out that ice cream is delicious.” – Way to make a girl feel useful. ;) Seriously, though, I think you’re right when it comes to the die-hard “who cares if they get harassed/attacked” crowd. I like to think that crowd is relatively small, and hope that there are some people out there who might otherwise be reflexively rah-rah yay about this bill in whom we might be able to open a crack of doubt. I also sort of cynically hope the “this can also kill people’s wives and children” approach appeals to the paternalistic impulses in that crowd, and that the privacy piece of it reaches something in all the folks who think their own abortions are okay. Because they’re still going to have them, but they for damn sure don’t want that published.

  2. Sorry. No. I’m glad you wrote it. I just despair a little because there’s such a sadistic streak among politicians. Don’t mind me.

  3. No, not all, I’m just being a smart aleck. I think you make a good point, that among some people (dudes in our legislature…), it’s going to be, “well, duh, that’s the point, to intimidate.” I too am despairing a little. Or a lot. I’m just hoping that there some folks out there who *can* be swayed on this one.

  4. No kidding. I know the impulse to excuse, cover, and even celebrate is there, but it’s always a punch in the gut to see it on display like that.

  5. nm, I mean, sure the dog *was trained* as a service animal but he/she wasn’t… um… servicing her at that time. Or ever. I thought the courthouse had a sign about not allowing animals, so I don’t know what the deal is. Assuming a sign would matter.

    kosh, yes.

  6. Plus when the breed that we in my household call the “chorus girl dog” or the “stripper dog” is “servicing” a human, I think we’re getting close to Rick Santorum territory.

    Sorry, B, I just can’t handle the real world right now. At least, unlike most of these links, a Chinese crested story doesn’t make me want to scream.

  7. So at some point in the future when these published lists are trolled for the names of wives, daughters and female relatives of someone running for public office and then used as political weapons to derail someone’s campaign-is that what these current Politicians are going for? Because it will happen way sooner than they think and again at the cost of someone else’s privacy.

  8. Gah, sorry I was thinking so hard on Rachel’s post that I left out any details that would indicate the connection to my comment.

    Plus everybody knows that tiny little service dogs ride in your purse, not out on a leash, geez.

  9. You know, the wine in grocery store lobby could use service dogs to bite idiots… Ha, I’m really loving the idea that any dog can just be magically declared a service dog so that you can do whatever the fuck you want with it.

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