Chasing Deer

Mrs. W. and I were coming home from our walk, me in a headache-induced walking coma, her in a bout of weirdness. I look down at her and she’s staring across the AT&T yard like she might take off running. I look and there are two white tail deer frolicking in the grass. They see us and hightail it (literally!) toward our house. This is almost too much for Mrs. W. She takes off down the hill. I am trying to anchor her back.

Her whole body just turns into one giant nose. I don’t know how else to explain it, but if you have a dog, you know they always smell more than you, but that there are times when their whole bodies are devoted to smelling something. Ears are disregarded. Chests heave quickly so that air can move as rapidly as possible across all scent sensors. The fronts of their bodies move wildly from side to side while their tail acts as counter-weight. Nothing matters as much as the smell.

And then, there, in the neighbor’s yard, one of the deer stands watching us. I guess waiting to see if we’re going to get out of the meadow so that they can return. I yell, almost unconsciously, and it leaps off toward the creek and is gone.

Man, I’d make a shitty hunter. “Oooooo!!!!! There it is! Look, look, look!” I’d shout, every time.