First there is an ending, then there is no ending, then…?

I can’t figure out how to end this Sue Allen draft. But I need to wrap it up some way. Even if it’s just a shitty first draft, it needs to be a draft, an actual completed thing.

But the thing I thought would be compelling–John comes from the future and kills folks–just isn’t that compelling to me and I’ve now kind of insinuated that he died in the flood. Oops. That’s why picking the end of April 2010 is a bad time for time traveling. Your return trip is going to be soggy.

And I can’t quite settle on what terrible thing Lee is up to, which makes resolving it rather difficult.

I did, today, though, write a cool scene in which John gives a woman a dime from 2009 to prove that he’s from the future, which she then gives to her church, where they dutifully keep it until 2009 only to then have a 2009 dime on their hands. They couldn’t prove it was from 2009 before and once they hit 2009, they can’t prove it’s not from 2009.

Shit like that amuses me. And I want the final thrust of the book to be something like that, because I’ve come to believe that, even if time travel were possible, it wouldn’t matter. People forget, they adapt. And the world is a hard place to change.

I’m reading Brenda Maddox’s Yeat’s Ghosts which is a really good read and not telling me exactly what I’d hoped to know, not that I knew what that was. I’d stop reading, but it’s not like the writing has any direction, so I keep going. Something will come to me, some understanding of the way things should end.

I just need to be patient.

Also, in the future, I should not make fun of Ezra Pound before starting on any reading about Yeats. Ugh.