Please Tell Me the Rain Will Help

The weather here is beautiful. We have our windows open and only the fan on the HVAC unit to move air around. The pollen count is also apparently off the charts. I heard yesterday that a 12 is considered high and we’re at 33 or something. I don’t know what 12  or 33 signify perhaps pounds of pollen per square inch. Believe me, trying to breathe this air, you’d be willing to accept that there are thirty-three pounds of pollen per every square inch.

My allergies are completely haywire. And responding to NOTHING. I mean, everything I take makes me feel better (good) but does nothing to alleviate my symptoms (strange and bad). So, I feel pleasant but I am a runny-nosed, watery-eyed fool. I didn’t even walk the dog this morning.

I’m really hoping that the rain will help and that it will knock some of this pollen out of the air. Otherwise, I’m going to have to get a gas mask.

7 thoughts on “Please Tell Me the Rain Will Help

  1. Actually, I get tweets from Nashville pollen count. Twelve-30 is heavy, but we’re at 390 grains of pollen per cubic cm. They call it all caps EXTREMELY HEAVY. Also, someone posted a picture of their car covered in pollen and called it tree bukkake. Which is gross but funny. At least to me.

  2. We have all our windows open too and have been rewarded with a fine, greenish-yellow dust over everything. Happens every year at this time. And my solar panels are covered with the same stuff. Can’t wait for it to rain to wash all the crap away.

  3. Let me add I’m probably the only person in Nashville who doesn’t suffer from allergies (knock on wood, don’t know how I got so lucky), but my friends who are big sufferers all claim big success at this time of year with Neti pots and that Xlear xylitol-saline nasal spray. Just thought I’d mention it …

  4. SB: I don’t suffer either, but I rarely say so because everyone else does so badly. After I’d lived in Tennessee for 7 years, allergies just stopped.

    I’m all about the rain to give all my friends some relief and also to hose down my car. Yuck. Fingers crossed.

  5. I busted out the nose bottle (off brand neti pot) because at this point I am less afraid of death by brain-eating amoeba than I am of pollen-induced TB.

  6. 390?! Are you fucking kidding? I feel like I’d be better off just to shove two flowers up my nose.

    This is the worst spring I can remember for allergies in some time.

  7. For me, it’s the craziest thing. The other Friday when the storm with all the hail blew through, I felt like someone was punching me repeatedly in my swollen face. A few days after that, the bones in my face hurt – in my nose and cheek area – from allergies. A few days ago when I noticed my car was green I thought “here we go” — but I’ve not suffered like I did a week or two ago. So, all I can deduce is that whatever is covering the area right now is something I’m not highly allergic to.

    Still, ready for this stuff to blow out. It’s disgusting.

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