Arriola isn’t All Bad

I took the day off work to do taxes and get my car tags and it turns out you can get your tags right at the emissions place. You pass, they run your card, and the tags come in the mail.

That could not be handier.

Political scandals aside, I’m glad Arriola has got this stuff handled. Now, he’ll probably charge me $50 for saying nice things about him, but insist I call it a donation, so that part sucks.

Let’s aim for a non-corrupt guy who is this competent next time.

There are Worse Things to Build a Party Around

You know, they already say Tennessee Democrats are too far to the left of most Tennesseans. I say, then, that we just go ahead and be too far to the left of most Tennesseans.

There are much worse things to build a party around than legalizing weed and protecting “transvestites.”

I also love it that, when Turner accuses the Republicans of being obsessed with sex, their reply is to insinuate that he has a small penis. Like that’s supposed to convince us that you’re not weirdly obsessed with sex? Maybe we need to make Mike Turner some shorts he can pull on over his pants that say “My eyes are up here” with an arrow pointing Representative Maggart away from his crotch.

I’m with Lowe Finney about This and I’m with Lowe Finney about Nothing.

As you all know, I’m still boycotting giving money to the TNDP. After news that Chip Forrester is getting a 33% raise, I feel even better about my boycott.

“My initial reaction is I am a little surprised at this,” Finney said. “I think that when people give to the party, they do so with the idea and the understanding that their funds will be managed in order to get Democrats elected, and those funds will go into races.”