There are Worse Things to Build a Party Around

You know, they already say Tennessee Democrats are too far to the left of most Tennesseans. I say, then, that we just go ahead and be too far to the left of most Tennesseans.

There are much worse things to build a party around than legalizing weed and protecting “transvestites.”

I also love it that, when Turner accuses the Republicans of being obsessed with sex, their reply is to insinuate that he has a small penis. Like that’s supposed to convince us that you’re not weirdly obsessed with sex? Maybe we need to make Mike Turner some shorts he can pull on over his pants that say “My eyes are up here” with an arrow pointing Representative Maggart away from his crotch.

2 thoughts on “There are Worse Things to Build a Party Around

  1. B, it’s a crazy year up here, Someone asked Gary Odom the other day how the Session was going, He said ” If you are a Woman, a Teacher, Gay, a State Empolyee or a Horse, your having a bad year.” That kind of sums it up. Your readers should really pay attention the next couple of weeks, because we are getting ready to pass some bills that normal people could not dream up. To be fair we have been able to Kill some of these Bad Bills in Sub-Committee with the help of some Moderate Republicans, but a lot still got through, and the Moderate wing of the GOP is Cowed by the Crazies.

  2. We will look forward to the new state law requiring registration, identification, and publishing of the addresses of unarmed non-Christians.

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