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1. On the one hand, I find this upsetting. On the other hand, I surely don’t want my employer to tell me what I can and can’t blog about. AND I think this is useful information for the public to have.

2. Hey, Fitzhugh, at least Governor Baby read your bill.

3. A man talks men. I do think a lot about my boobs, but only because they are constantly doing dumbass shit.

4. I think I have a piece in the real Scene tomorrow. I’m excited to see what photos they have. So be on the look-out for that. I will have to treat myself to lunch some place where I can grab a bunch of copies.

11 thoughts on “Tell It

  1. Does this mean the Democrats have found their spines? Or is it just another empty gesture before they completely capitulate?

  2. I think there are a handful of Dems who are developing a backbone. I would not rely on them someone contaminating the whole party with one, thought.

  3. We have 34 Democrats in the House and we are united in fighting to Keep the Radical Right from dismantling our State. For those of you who think we are not Fighting, you must not be watching very closely. We face the most extreme Legislation coming from the Republicans that this State has ever seen, and we have defeated some of it. Kosh III if you want to see some backbone, I invite you to come spend the Day with me at the Legislature, My Guys and Gals have Plenty of it.

  4. Mr Turner,
    I’m sure you may be doing it every day, but it’s not evident from the media. How about daily press conferences where you loudly show your “spine,” something that makes it visible for all the citizens, not just those that don’t work during the day and are willing to go past lots of hostile security to get into the House.
    For instance, this “boycott” was only noted here, not in any other media outlet. I still take the Tennessean so I know it was mentioned there.

  5. Is that 34 now, or is that net of the number that have announced that they are retiring / spending more time with their families rather than seek another term?

  6. Oops, it was NOT mentioned in the Tennessean. Sorry for the typo.

    Also, TSEA hasn’t mentioned it on their website; I’d bet that 99% of civil servants don’t know about this boycott.

    May I suggest a weekly newsletter to your district constituents as well? Gary Moore does one, though it’s often skimpy but at least it’s there.

    Do you really think you Democrats gettng your message out to the citizenry?

    I don’t see the Dems united: I see Doug Henry supporting the GOP a lot, as does John Mark Windle, and others.

  7. Kosh III we have press conference’s twice a week, The Tennessean comes but doesn’t take much interest. However if you Goggle my name you will see we are indeed doing what I say. The offer still stands, You can bring B, with you and will have a Jolly Ole Time.

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