Frank Nicely, Please, Shut Up

Yes, when I think “stripping states’ rights,” I think the 14th Amendment. Jesus Christ.

Rep. Frank Niceley, R-Strawberry Plains, provided what he called “a little history lesson,” relating that two Oregon state representatives were kidnapped by “radical Republicans” when state ratification of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was in issue during the 1860s. Two men masquerading as the kidnapped legislators then voted for ratification, which passed by one vote in Oregon, Niceley said.

The kidnapping thus effectively “changed the course of history” and “stole power from the states,” he said. Passage of the school board bill, he said, could lead to similar situations.

I am speechless. Just speechless.



Big Old Buildings

I’m still tickled by how well the pictures on that Scene article turned out. The local lodge, with the blue walls and the big windows and the white ceiling… ugh… I want a room like that. Though probably not with pews that can roll as I would spend all my days rolling around and not doing much of anything else.

I know it’s from my time knocking around in old churches, but I would love to live in a big old building. I mean, look at those bookcases!

Isn’t it Billy Bob Thorton who has an antique-phobia because he can’t handle the weirdness of those old things having all those people and stories attached to them? I am–in so many ways–the anti-Billy Bob. That’s exactly why I like them. Well, old buildings. I like being one in a long line.