Big Old Buildings

I’m still tickled by how well the pictures on that Scene article turned out. The local lodge, with the blue walls and the big windows and the white ceiling… ugh… I want a room like that. Though probably not with pews that can roll as I would spend all my days rolling around and not doing much of anything else.

I know it’s from my time knocking around in old churches, but I would love to live in a big old building. I mean, look at those bookcases!

Isn’t it Billy Bob Thorton who has an antique-phobia because he can’t handle the weirdness of those old things having all those people and stories attached to them? I am–in so many ways–the anti-Billy Bob. That’s exactly why I like them. Well, old buildings. I like being one in a long line.

5 thoughts on “Big Old Buildings

  1. It seems like it would be a great spot to see a show. The seats looked comfortable and yet banked steeply enough that you don’t feel too far away.

  2. Yes, Billy Bob has a phobia of antiques. He actually has a lot of phobias. He’s about as Southern-gothic-batshit-crazy as they come.

  3. I LOVED those pictures and I instantly lusted to be in a show on that stage (sigh. theater compulsion never goes away completely). I work kitty-corner from that building and I’ve always wondered what the inside looked like. Thank you for showing me!

    Do they ever let random people in there if they aren’t charming, boob-freckled reporters?

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