I Have a Goal

I have a goal, but I just realized that I should probably share it with you, in case you can hook me up. So, I have enjoyed the fuck out of interviewing Elizabeth McClellan for the Scene blogs. And I think it would be really fun to interview other Tennessee folks involved with sci-fi/fantasy/horror writing.

Especially because it’s just not a genre you really expect from Tennessee writers.

So, if you know of someone published in the field, especially if you think they’d make a good interview, let me know. If you are someone who should be published in the field (coughNewscomacough), hurry up!

One thought on “I Have a Goal

  1. You should check out Alex Bledsoe, he’s originally from West TN but now living in Wisconsin; fantasy author of very cool unique stuff. He would make a very good interview, in my opinion. Good luck!

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