Library Things

S. and I went to a thing at the library with Madison Smartt Bell and James Squire. S. has a good write-up on it. I was glad they talked almost exclusively about craft, only answering one marketing question when it was apparent that the audience had not been told about the no marketing questions rule.

And I appreciated Bell’s willingness to talk a little about the woo of writing and about how he’s used hypnosis and other mind-altering techniques. It was good to be reminded that it’s a strange and difficult thing for everyone.

But then, yeah, what S. said.  I both really enjoyed it and felt this kind of uncomfortableness. I mean, no matter what, aspiring writers go to hear aspired writers for that old Tarot-y reason–we want to believe that where you are, we, too, can be.

But I am never going to be old family friends with Andrew Lytle. For lots of reasons. Starting with that he’s dead.

So, it was really interesting, but I couldn’t quite make the leap. I couldn’t quite believe that, if those guys were sitting there, I could, too.

Ruining the Environment, One Air Conditioned Day at a Time

I’m going to admit to you that, when I realized last night that it was cooler outside than it was in the house, that I opened all the windows and turned the air conditioning on. And then I slept and slept and slept.

It was wonderful.

I’ve wasted my whole weekend doing glorious amounts of nothing. I plan on wasting today doing the same, after I have a shower. Which I really need to get around to doing.