Dog Smells

Well, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to two months of tight money in a row but you know, sometimes, after you buy your brother’s Christmas present for your parents, you decide your mom and dad and the Butcher and you should go see Del McCoury right before you realize that the weird cheap bacon bit smell in the house is emanating from your dog’s head, more specifically her ear, which is clearly bothering her.

So, I have to cram a visit to the vet into tomorrow. I was really hoping they’d just let me pick up the same crap they gave me in January, but no, they need to see her. And smell her, I guess.

But I am really excited about seeing Del McCoury. That should be awesome. I had to get us seats by the aisle because I know my dad and I will have to pee.

I wish the Butcher’s job were more flexible because I’d love to be all “you take the dog to the vet and we’ll call it even on the Christmas present.”

Oh well.