I am About to be so Churched

This year finds me at Maundy Thursday services and Easter Services. I believe that is a 100% increase in my Christian behavior during the Holy Week. And a 50% increase in my church going for the year. I think. Ugh, math, you are my enemy. If I normally go to church twice a year, and I go to church three times a year, is that a 50% increase or just a 33% increase? I’m going to start telling my dad that this is why I don’t go to church–math is too hard.

Ha ha ha.

I hope I’m done being sick for a little while because I have a very busy couple of weeks coming up here. I have this weird Spanish thing tonight (god, seriously, even if you don’t speak Spanish–and I don’t–do whatever it takes to fall in with Hispanists. I’m sure a few suck, but I haven’t met them. In general, they are awesome, eat well, and do cool shit.) because this guy I know has translated a Cervates play? I think. Maybe I’m misunderstanding. It doesn’t matter. I will go and enjoy it. Then Mrs. Rancid-Bacon-Bits-Ear gets to go to the vet tomorrow. Then Wednesday I guess I clean the bathroom and then it’s all religion all the time for a few days.

So, I had to call my dad to find out when they were planning on leaving to see if I could talk them into staying for the Del McCoury/Preservation Hall Jazz Band concert and my mom actually woo-hooed! Speaker phones. I swear. They give you a side of people you don’t normally see. Who’s this woman whooping about getting to go to a concert? I mean, yes, I guess it’s the woman who had a blowtorch in her college dorm and rode a horse naked across campus while sober, but where has she been most of my life? And will she come clean my bathroom?

7 thoughts on “I am About to be so Churched

  1. Holy Week and Easter are the Christian version of the NFL playoff series and the Super Bowl. Even if you don’t follow the sport for the rest of the year, you still find yourself caught up in the spirit of the championship run.

    Me, I love it all–the pageantry, the celebratory joy, the collective finery. Easter is my favorite holiday.

  2. I’m a cradle Lutheran, as is my mom, and I’d never been to a Maundy Thursday service until I went back to the church a few years ago. My mom had never even heard of it.

    It’s just people schlepping tchotchkes from the altar, but I find it incredibly moving — as in bawling my eyes out for 5-10 minutes in the parking lot before I can drive.

    My first year, I sat with my friend, Andie. She said, “Why are Pat and all those other people sitting up front wearing black?”

    “I dunno,” I said. A few minutes later, I remembered what I’d read about Maundy Thursday: “Oh! They must be the altar strippers!”

    We had the worst case of the church giggles — at the worst possible service of the year!

  3. Min, that’s the best analogy about spports and religion that I’ve heard in along time. And given the prevalence of both subjects, that’s saying something!

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