There’s Always a Second Deer

I got the skinny from the Butcher who hit his deer doing 70 on Briley after he watched one deer bound across the road. That deer made it. The deer that came over the wall right into the Butcher’s lane did not.

But, as the Butcher said, thank goodness he didn’t have a sun roof, because the deer hit the bumper and rolled over the car. A sun roof, especially if it had been open, would have caught that fucker in it.

The bathroom is clean and the dining room table is cleared off of all my shit.

I think I’ve done all I can do to prepare for the arrival of my parents, who have now called me twice to make sure that we really have tickets.

Honestly, folks, if I had known they were going to get so excited about going to concerts, I would have taken them to one earlier.

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