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Apparently the Butcher hit a deer on his way to work this morning. I would never have known except my dad called to ask me if I’d read him sassing the Butcher on Facebook, which I hadn’t, because I was swamped all morning. Ugh. Poor Butcher. I hope he’s okay.

The dog is “unique” according to the vet. The vet thinks it would be beneficial to the dog if she were tranquilized before coming to the vet any more because, as the vet explained it, you know how some people are just terrified of dentists, like get panic attacks about it? That’s apparently Mrs. W. about the vet. I was hoping that a trip to the vet in which she didn’t have to get any shots might be okay, but no, she was still like “Oh my god, these people are going to kill me!!!!!!!!!!! Please, B., smack my bottom. It’s the only thing that will soothe my soul while I await my impending death!!!!!” even though she had already been examined. I guess impending death at the vet’s can happen at any time. So, yes, I spanked my dog in public. In front of people. People with whom I’d like to have normal relations.

You ever smacked a dog’s bottom for fifteen minutes straight? It’s not a high point of your life, I’ll tell you that.

Seriously. You can’t be out in public indulging your dog’s BSDM fantasies and not feel like maybe you should have just stuck with cats. Or not had pets. Or left the house.

Anyway, she’s got a bacterial infection in her ear. And has to have drops.

And she needs a serious bath. Ugh, my hands were so dirty after smacking her. It was disgusting.

Poor The Butcher. I wish he’d called and told me. But I would have just had a stroke and worried. So I’m also glad he just handled it.

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  1. Not yet. I’m hoping we can somehow make this work, because I really don’t want her to start feeling anxious about people coming to the house.

  2. As long as the vet is wearing civilian clothing and pets her and is kind while examining/treating her, she ought to be pretty good with it. It’s the building and the scents and the noises that she associates with the bad times at The Bad Vet, and she has allowed you to comfort her when she’s so scared at The New Vet without bolting or biting, so that all bodes well for her to be a little confused and nervous at first and then be okay with it. Dear Mrs. W. Such a sweetheart. And so wonderfully trained! She’s terrified and still thinks, “Well, The Momma is here and she loves me and she’s giving me hugs and kisses like always so maybe these people will be nice again like last time and also give me treats, but I need a beatin’ to distract me just in case.”

    I think you can also use the BDSM Pit Bull angle as a warning to future park pervs, too, FWIW.

    Equally as important as Mrs. W.: Glad to hear the Butcher’s okay. Hope his vehicle’s not too torn up and that y’all can at least get some venison to put in the freezer. Or a couple of bones for Mrs. W., at the very least.

    Best to all at TCP HQ.


  3. In the first sentence of my preceding ungodly long comment, please note that “it” should have instead been “seeing a mobile vet at your house.” Clarity is never my strong suit. Says the editrix, hee.

  4. a friend (former neighbor) uses a mobile vet – her recently deceased dog had major anxiety issues, which I imagine are part of why the vet came to them and not vice versa. Anyway, if you want me to get a phone number to set up this sort of situation for me, let me know.

  5. Our dog was scared of many things, but the fireworks on New Year’s Eve and Independence Day would basically cause her to convulse for a couple of hours. Our vet gave us “Ace Promazine” (probably mangled that spelling, never saw it in print).

    She was only 20lbs, so a quarter-tablet would make her nice and loopy. She wasn’t unconscious, just oblivious. She would sidle over to a wall or something and just lean against it for a nice long while. Maybe something like that would do it. Warning: it did take about 45-minutes to kick-in.

  6. On pet tranquilizers: I had to fly cross-country with a very smart and tough half-breed Siamese cat. The vet gave me kitty sedatives for him, but all they did was make his nictitating membranes slide half-closed, and turn his normal conversational noises into seasick yeeeowls. He didn’t seem less anxious, more like someone having a bad trip. I also had a layover, and ended up sliding him out of his carrier in the middle of the Cincinnati/N. KY airport, wrapped up like a papoose in his towel, and snuggling him like a baby. That made him happier. But when the plane landed in SFO, he was literally turning head over heels inside the carrier, doing flips with tension and fear, despite me ramping up the doseage to the max the doc had allowed.

    Tl;dr: your mileage with pet tranqs may vary.

  7. Yeah, that’s one of my concerns with Mrs. W. As Coble can attest, we had to go get her from the surgeon’s a day early because once she was out from under the anesthetic, she literally never calmed down.

    She was a loopy, sleepy mess when I got her home and she felt safe, but her adrenaline at the surgeon’s was just so high that she was screaming like she wasn’t on a drop of pain medication.

    So, I have my doubts about the tranquilizers doing much, but I’m willing to try it if it puts the vet at ease.

  8. FYI, Siamese and Siamese mixes are notorious for not processing anesthesia and sedatives like other cat breeds. Grumpy Grandpa Kitteh has to have some weird eye-of-newt combo that just makes other felines go “eh, whatever” but makes him pass out and then hallucinate spiders in the walls for a few hours. It’d be funny if he weren’t so pitiful. He’ll do the Belly Walk of Fear under everything in the house to reach me and then sit there at half-mast with one eye rolled back in his head, looking at me like “MAKE IT STOP DANG YOU.”

    Maybe Mrs. W. could have just enough of a dose to make her silly, if you don’t go the house-call route. As long as you’re with her and it’s had time to kick in well, it could be a successful option.

    Good luck to all four-legses AND their two-legses!

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