Everyone’s Puppets, Everyone’s Pulling Strings

Ron Ramsey’s now lecturing the Chamber of Commerce about their inappropriate focus after all he’s done for them.

It would be hard for you to overestimate how hard I’m laughing at this. I can feel the Chamber bristling from here, but what are you going to do, gentlemen? Republicans don’t expect to lose their majority for the next twenty years. They’ve only been in power two and they’re already tired of you trying to boss them around.

Oh, man, this is going to be fun to watch.

Slow on the Uptake

As I was sitting on the interstate in traffic*, I was thinking of the winter when I was young that the snowdrifts by my house were clear over my head. And it just now, thirty-two years later, occurred to me that they were not that huge. I was just very small.


*TDOT, I have some ideas. 1. You need to fix the signs on 24 right before it merges into 65. Right now. Seriously, we will all wait here. See, here’s the deal. People on 24 coming into town are on two lanes and the first sign they see makes it look like the left lane goes to 65 North and the right lane goes to 65 South, so everyone gets over into the right lane. But then the road goes to three lanes and way up there, there’s another sign that says that you can go either north or south from the center lane. So, even back here, where traffic is still moving, the people in the right lane think that they’re fine. It’s only long after everyone has started slamming on their brakes and traffic is stop and go that you learn that the right lane goes away before traffic merges with 65.

That’s right. The very lane that the first sign says in the only lane that goes to 65 does not actually ever get to 65. This fucks up traffic every morning. It would almost be better if you just took down the first sign. But I’m not an interstate expert. I just know that making people think they should get into a lane to get on 65 that ends before they get to 65 is fucked.

2. Is there a reason you don’t spray down your construction areas–like say the Clarksville Hwy–at the end of the day to reduce dust?