Mark My Words, I Will Sue My Parents Over this Nonsense

Look at that! That is a rash I have developed since I put this shirt on. It is the same kind of rash my mom and I tend to get when we’ve eaten something we’re allergic to. My short list of food allergies: strawberries. My mom’s: strawberries, tomatoes (sometimes), other berries (sometimes). Her strawberry allergies are more mild than mind, so she still has them occasionally, whereas I can’t.

But I haven’t eaten anything weird.

I had a chocolate chip cookie with lunch.

And I swear, people, if I am allergic to chocolate chip cookies, there will be hell to pay.

But, hey, nothing like a terrible rash to make my trip to Maundy Thursday a little more anxiety-producing.

7 thoughts on “Mark My Words, I Will Sue My Parents Over this Nonsense

  1. Look at that!

    Mmhm. As if I needed to be told.
    Oh, geez. Sorry about the rash. I hope it isn’t too uncomfortable. Any other ideas what might have set it off? Did you launder the shirt, or did it come from a dry cleaner?

  2. I wondered if it was the shirt, because I do sometimes have problems with detergent, but it’s just the same old Tide we always use and it’s not anywhere but right there.

  3. If I could be assured I’d get one of the hot ones and not one of the ones retiring from being my state representative, I’d call the fire department and ask for their opinion.


  4. TMI—Men may not wish to read this comment—

    So, just curious, are you in the last 10 days of your cycle? Is your period about to start?

    Because someone whose name I will not mention here (but it rhymes with Matherine Moble) is

    FRICKING ALLERGIC TO HER OWN HORMONES. It started about four years ago. I get a rash pretty much like the one you’re sporting there to let me know that my ovaries are releasing something the rest of my body doesn’t like. I gather it’s common with PCOS too.

    Click to access califmed00045-0054.pdf

  5. “Matherine Moble”

    Heh heh. I’m either really tired, or that’s really funny. I’m going to split the difference.
    But I’ll be damned. You can get a rash just because your body gets pissed off at itself? I’ve got to come to Nashville to buy you ladies a drink. Hell, I’m going to buy my wife a drink tomorrow.

  6. I think either it was nerves or it was that shirt, because it has gone away over night.

    Sam, yes, when I got poison ivy all down my leg (seriously, from foot to butt), my hands broke out in these tiny little shiny blisters as if my body was just like “fuck it! I hate you, be more miserable.” It was an allergic reaction to my allergic reaction to poison ivy.

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