Last Minute Grocery Shopping Saturday

I just realized that, though I’ve never known a formal name for it, during the Christian Holy Week, today is Last Minute Grocery Shopping Saturday, nestled right in between Good Friday and Easter. There’s Palm Sunday, Ignored Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Last Minute Grocery Shopping Saturday, and Easter.

In honor of the day, we will be last minute grocery shopping.

I went to a wonderful Seder dinner last night, so I haven’t seen my parents yet today.

They went to a “Seder” dinner earlier in the week, so we will be comparing notes. I don’t really like the “Seder” dinners. I’m fine with Christians who want to understand Jesus as a person sharing an actual Seder meal. But this “let’s have a Seder meal, but also make sure to repeatedly point out how everything in the meal was pointing to the arrival of Jesus!” stuff I don’t like. You can’t do both things at the same time–understand what the meal meant and was like for Jesus and transform it into all about Jesus symbolically.

Anyway, I was glad to go, not just because I like to share important things with my friends, but because I find it deeply moving that these people I know everyday who are funny and wide-ranging and down-to-earth, whose home I sit in like a tea pot in a cozy, can so easily and confidently speak from a position of religious authority and tradition. It happens very subtly, but I love to watch people expertly make an ordinary space–like their dining room–sacred and then work in it.

That will be the trick to Last Minute Grocery Shopping Saturday. If you can shift the chaos of the grocery store into holiness, then you’re onto something.

Anyway, I will try to be doing that. I think we can all guess that I’m not very confident I’ll be able to.