The Hazelnuts are In

Yes, there’s a chance of frost tonight but the hazelnuts are still dormant, so I’m hoping it’ll be fine. I dug two holes, hauled some compost over, planted the two stick looking things, and then watered them well. And now I’m sore in my arms. My back has been killing me for two days.  But weirdly, even though I can’t find a way to sit on the couch or in my office chair that doesn’t cause me slight pain, sitting on the ground felt great. I’m kind of wondering if the problem isn’t actually in my legs, not my back, and having them straight out helped.

The other thing about the drummer for the Preservation Hall Jazz Band is that he was the same shape as my Grandpa Phillips. I do miss him. I guess that’s what makes me a universalist. My Grandpa does not deserve a happy afterlife, but, if there is such a thing, I would be very unhappy to not find him there.

I guess that’s why I also am beginning to think that “deserves” is a stupid thing.

I’ve been thinking about that “Just Love Everybody” post. Have y’all seen this? Some guy wrote this post about how Christians should stop focusing on making sure gay people know they’re sinful and instead just work on being loving and open to everyone. And then it got linked to all over. And then some people stopped acting like cruel jackasses toward their children and it got passed around farther and here we are. I saw it a few days ago.

Here it is.

I disagree that all the major religions have the same fundamental message of love, but Christ, sincerely, if this is moving people to change their behavior toward people, then I’m not going to nitpick.

But I am uneasy about it and I can’t quite figure out why. And yet, doing good in the world. So, eh, I can’t stop thinking about it, but I’m not sure what I think about it.

I’m tired and I had to watch an incredibly crappy thing happen today so I’m feeling disjointed.

But I swear, I smelled cigars in the shower this morning.

So, maybe Grandpa Phillips is closer than he appears.

3 thoughts on “The Hazelnuts are In

  1. Sounds like you’ve got a sciatic nerve prob if stretching hamstrings and piriformis (as you would when you’re sitting on the ground with your legs extended) made it feel better.

  2. I’m going to have to ask Rachel about it, because I thought one’s sciatic nerve caused pain in the lower back and this pain is in a weird spot, halfway between my spine and my right side, like maybe I have strained the outside of my trapezius (and I’m still having some weird discomfort in that shoulder, though I wouldn’t call it pain).

    But I swear, though that’s where the pain is, walking or sitting with my legs out helps it.

  3. >But I am uneasy about it and I can’t quite figure out why.

    I’m uneasy with it as well, and for me I think it’s this: it accepts the underlying irrational thoughts as “OK”. It seems to say, “it’s ok to hold completely irrational beliefs about a person, so long as you’re nice and keep it to yourself”.

    Which, yes, is an improvement over *not* keeping it to yourself, but in the end it seems like it works to actually protect irrational beliefs from mounting criticism.

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