Firemen!!!! Arglebargle.

I have many thoughts on this video. I don’t know that I can express them coherently.

1. I was a little embarrassed about watching it. So, that was weird.

2. But I liked it!

3. I liked how all the women in the audience were also embarrassed, but they liked it.

4. I’d be curious to hear if male patrons at strip clubs ever dance along to the music or if that’s just something women do.

5. A firefighting uniform has got to be the sexiest uniform in existence, followed in close second by a baseball uniform. I don’t know why, it’s just true. Seriously, if those dudes at the end had been all “Hold my kitten, my adorable kitten, while I take my coat off” I would have died.

We have to ban firemen from owning kittens just so that people who are sexually attracted to firemen can go about their lives without having to swoon every three seconds.

6 thoughts on “Firemen!!!! Arglebargle.

  1. I must be immune to the firefighter uniform sexiness. Guess it’s a hazard of knowing too many unsexy firefighters.

  2. Same here. Plus, I have firefighters in the family, so just no.

    A good looking man in a black cassock, OTOH…

  3. Another immunization to ‘firefighter sexiness’ might be spending several hours eavesdropping on conversation in a firehouse. I don’t know too many women who find raging misogyny to be an aphrodisiac.

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