Huevos Play

I told someone today that I didn’t have the huevos to do something. And then I got to thinking how much the term “huevos” delights me. It means, literally, eggs, but it has such a strong slang meaning of testicles that you really can’t disentangle the two. But, I don’t have testicles. I have eggs.

And here’s what I love. I love that it’s now almost a double-word-play. I’m bringing it back to its literal meaning, but hoping that the person knows I know its dredged in this other meaning, before my listener consumes it. I need it to mean both “eggs” and “balls” at the same time, with my body as the marker of where the joke is.

Possibly I’m not explaining it well, but god I love it.


3 thoughts on “Huevos Play

  1. Similar to the way I feel when I see people say “I could care less.” Because they mean “I couldN’T care less,” but in reality, they really could care less or they wouldnt’ be talking about it to begin with. So they are unintentionally saying something that is technically true while intending to convey something that is technically false.

  2. Germans also use the word “eggs” (“Eier”) as slang for testicles. I don’t recall ever hearing one use the singular (“Ei”) as slang for one testicle.

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