The Dance of the Seven Veils

This is slightly not safe for work, especially the last video, which features naked boobs. But we have talked a little, I think, about the connection between the Dance of the Seven Veils and the connection (factual or just legendary) between it and Inanna’s visit to the underworld. In the Sue Allen project, off on a tangent, I suppose that, if that legend is true, that the dance was first performed by temple prostitutes as a sacred reenactment of the journey.

Since my manuscript ends with stripping (in every ending, so I guess it’s there for good), I thought I’d take a look at the Dance of the Seven Veils.

First up, Rita Hayworth, who, my god, you have to see at the two minute mark, even if you watch no further.

Second is Najla al Hafsa, whom I’m going to guess has maybe seen the Rita Hayworth version, if only for the similarities in the dropping of the first veil. But wait until she starts spinning and tell me if you don’t feel like you’re watching some kind of ritualized truth. That is a journey, my friends, ritualized and given some choreography, but that is a journey.

Okay, now here’s the one that’s not safe for work at the end. It’s a flamenco version of the dance and the mix of anger and power and seduction is really amazing. I feel like I’m not smart enough to know what to say about it. Just be sure to watch her arms.

8 thoughts on “The Dance of the Seven Veils

  1. No, this is the first thing of his I’ve ever seen, but I am blown away by it. Rita Hayworth’s director could have learned a thing or two.

  2. It’s hard to do the dance of the seven veils while radiating enough purity to satisfy the Code, you know.

  3. Have you read the Alan Moore Promethea series? He makes this connection explicitly in one issue, where Promethea does a striptease for a magician who connects what she does with Inanna and her journey.

  4. My commercial before the last dance featured a fireman and a kitten.
    Google trolling or coincidence?

  5. emjb, I have not, but I now feel certain that he’s still probably where I got the idea from, since I read a shit-ton ABOUT that series.

    rheather, that scares me a little bit about Google. It’s an amused scared, but a scared.

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