The Importance of Outlining

The proper ending of the Sue Allen thing is finally coming into shape in my head. I’m hoping to start outlining it today.

I should have, really, known that the ending was going to be difficult because my outline for the whole thing was basically “And this happens and this happens and this happens and then this cool thing happens and… and… and… um… I’ll know when I get there.”

But I didn’t. Or I did, but I didn’t have the guts to go for it. There seemed nicer endings that might work without any main characters having to fail or die or anything.

But it’s not true.

I also realized, this morning, woke me up from a dead sleep, that the Bell Witch could take on the form of a person and the Wampus cat had a semi-human form and human origins. And those are the recent ancestors of The Thing.

The Thing has a human form. Duh.

Honestly people, I’m not sure I can do this and yet, I can’t not try.

Is being a writer a kind of madness? Sometimes I feel like it is.

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