Am I Psychic?! And, My God, If So, Why Don’t I Ever Have a Vision of Firemen Smooching Me?!

Remember when I said, “A firefighting uniform has got to be the sexiest uniform in existence, followed in close second by a baseball uniform. I don’t know why, it’s just true. Seriously, if those dudes at the end had been all ‘Hold my kitten, my adorable kitten, while I take my coat off’ I would have died.”

Remember when rheather was all “My commercial before the last dance featured a fireman and a kitten. Google trolling or coincidence?”

Well, grandfille sent me a link to the commercial which, while not as hot as Captain Morgan, does indeed feature a fireman in his sexy uniform, making trashy margaritas and holding a kitten!

Firemen, I am available on most Sunday afternoons for smooching out in the hammocks. Please call ahead and park your trucks in the driveway, so that we don’t block the new bike lanes on the road out front.

8 thoughts on “Am I Psychic?! And, My God, If So, Why Don’t I Ever Have a Vision of Firemen Smooching Me?!

  1. Oh, definitely. I am loving the ad agency or agencies responsible for these kind of sophisticated, sexy, funny ads. I mean, he’s just like “here’s a kitten!”

  2. Well, ya know, to me the Capt. Morgan ads are mostly sexy and knowing, but this one is joking knowingly about being sexy but isn’t actually sexy, even though the joke is utterly successful. That could be because the actor isn’t my type, of course.

  3. Yeah, he’s not my type, either, but I find something really sexy about the whole thing, too. It’s the playfulness of it, I think.

  4. I’m not much of a cat person, so the kitten doensn’t do it for me. If he had had a cute puppy under that coat, though, I would have been swooning on the floor.

  5. The kitten wasn’t doing too much for me, either, since it was clearly chosen to be “cute, cooable-over kitten,” which isn’t the type of kitten I usually coo over. But then it had the beret! Just for a second, the way the fireman had no shirt on for just a second. How can you not love that?

  6. Yep, that’s the one.
    The kitten looks pissed off. Like it knows it’s just being used to sell a bad marguerita. (Beer? Really?)

  7. I knew this fellow could never top Captain Morgan OR your respected firefighter buddy from up north (fans self repeatedly), ma’am, but I am glad you got a kick out of it.

    I suspect the agency will do another one with a puppy for those who lean canine.

    (He didn’t really do anything for me, either, but he sure seems like a nice guy — which, hey, FIREFIGHTER, natch — so that made me enjoy it. That and the beret on the pissed-off kitten. She was so clearly, “REALLY? He dumps me on the table and then you put this damn hat on me? REALLY?”)

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