A Few Facts about Tennessee

Fact: The Republicans control both branches of the legislature.

Fact: We have a Republican governor.

Fact: They still act like the Democrats are pushing them around.

Fact: Anyone who would cut funding for hospitals and then shows up for church on Sunday is probably going to be surprised when he finally meets Jesus.

Fact: They can blame Democrats all they want, but the truth is that the Republican caucuses are fracturing and leaders can’t keep their people in line.

11 thoughts on “A Few Facts about Tennessee

  1. All the good Christian legislators should ponder Matthew 25: 31-46. I don’t know how much plainer Jesus could have made it.

  2. B your assessment was right on, Thank goodness the GOP doesn’t read your site. We have the knowledge to lead them around a little bit on the Procedural and Parlimentary stuff, but they are catching up fast. God help us when they learn the rules.

  3. and stay tuned for the Monday Night blow up. It appears that Speaker Ramsey has $ 500,000 in the Budget for a Bristol Museum. Only the Museum is in Bristol Virginia.

  4. Isn’t there some sane and fair way to support the Bristol music museum project, half way? As a practical matter, Bristol has budgets from two states/two town halves on everything, and the tourism it would generate does not stop on one side of the borderline main street. People have been known to, say, eat, or stay in a hotel, on the other side of the street–in TN. I know that I have.

  5. Aunt B.,

    “Fact: They still act like the Democrats are pushing them around.”

    Sadly you are so right. It comes off as whining. Some of our Republican legislators are not familiar with that wonderful insight into politics delivered by Tom Hanks as ‘Jimmy Dugan’ in ‘A League Of Their Own’: “Because there’s no crying in politics. THERE’S NO CRYING IN POLITICS! No crying!”

    “Fact: They can blame Democrats all they want, but the truth is that the Republican caucuses are fracturing and leaders can’t keep their people in line.”

    You are correct that the Republican caucuses are fracturing but I am not certain that such a result is entirely negative. Some of that fracturing has come at the expense of government-funded support for private businesses, hardly an issue that many conservatives and liberals would oppose. And such fracturing has the merit of keeping compromise as an important tool.

    It should also be noted that, while Representative Turner might not mention this, West Tennessee has for decades benefited from state largess, especially for infrastructure, while East TN has been regularly cheated. That comes from the dominance of the West TN Democrats who, no thanks to Representative Turner, let Nashville and Middle Tennessee go wanting while the McWherter-Wilder-Naifeh axis pumped millions into their friends and contributors in West TN.

    So while I am no fan of political pork, it seems ungenerous to oppose a few morsels for East TN after years of West TN gorging itself at the state buffet, with East and Middle TN picking up the check.

  6. Barry, I think the issue is that Ramsey is cutting funding to hospitals and to the Civil Rights Museum and to other things that are necessary (like St. Jude’s) and wholely within the state (like the Civil Rights Museum), but wants to fund a musem that’s not in the state.

    Once hosptals are funded, I’ve got no problem with divvying up money for museums in such a way that some of it goes to the Bristol museum, for the reasons you list, but for Ramsey to propose a bunch of cuts to public services–like hospitals–and not for an out of state museum is just… well… rich to put it nicely.

  7. Mark, I think that, if you think “there’s no crying in baseball” was the moral of that movie, you may have missed the point of Dugan’s character development.

    Also, if we can afford pork, it’s fine to make the argument that it’s time for East Tennessee to sit first at the time. But, as I said to Barry, if Ramsey is making the argument that we can’t affort to fund children’s hospitals, then we definitely can’t afford to fund museums.

  8. Mark you are partly correct, except about Nashville we have done as Good as anyone and my West Tennessee friends would tell you that we have done better than they have.

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