M&M Fighting Rings

I’ve been quite busy this morning, but I have to confess that I’ve been keeping myself amused by imagining an illegal M&M fighting ring, where men would come from all over the state to fight their M&Ms and eat the losers.

I just learned that Alex Bledsoe has a bunch of books about vampires set in Memphis.

You know, I had been wondering where was all the Tennessee fantastical fiction, but maybe the better question to ask is, if it’s out there, how do we learn of it?

3 thoughts on “M&M Fighting Rings

  1. I meant to ask on the earlier post: how does one fight M&Ms? put one on a flat surface and bash it with another one?

  2. He holds one in each hand, and then just knocks them together. It seems like the M&M in your dominant hand would always win, but he was holding the yellow one in his left hand.

  3. I am from Memphis. Have you heard of the hoodoo in Voodoo Village or all the other tales of ghost sightings? There is much fiction written from those haunted places in Memphis, a city of great tales of the supernatural. I don’t read that fiction, but it can be found. No, I don’t live there now.

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