The Flood, Two Years On

I went through a bad patch earlier this year, I think I told you, where I became convinced again that under my yard was hollow and that I could maybe step and fall and just fall through the ground into a giant underground lake. God, you always hope that your subconscience will be at least a little sophisticated, but mine fucks with me in obvious symbols.

My driveway is still fucked. We’ve just learned to live with it. People volunteered to come help, but it was mortifying–the idea that they’d come help us put our yard back together while I sobbed and felt convinced that we were all going to fall through the dirt–while other people lost everything. So we just slowly did it ourselves.

Chris Wage has some good words. The Tennessean has an excellent photo essay (is ‘photo essay’ a thing?).


One thought on “The Flood, Two Years On

  1. Hard to believe it’s been two years already. We have damage that we should have turned in to our insurance company for repairs, but we didn’t. At the time, our problems seemed insignificant when our friends were finding themselves homeless. If we could do it again, we would have gotten it fixed right away. Now it’s too late.

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