I’ve Become the Hazelnut Helicopter Parent

Goofus still doesn’t have leaves. I put him in the ground April 10th. That’s twenty days of non-leafening. So, I wrote the nursery. Yes, I did. Because why fret alone when you can fret with others.

It wouldn’t be so bad if Gallant wasn’t all “Look at me with my tiny adorable leaves.”

I didn’t walk the dog this morning, because I forgot to water shit last night, so I had to do it this morning. No signs of the lilies-of-the-valleys yet. I have never had any luck growing those and these I probably put in too late, but I keep watering. No signs of the lupines yet, though I’ve not had any luck with those, either, so I’m kind of not surprised.

The daisies do appear to be up–tiny two-leafed seedlings. This makes me happy. If nothing else grows in that bed, I know daisies do okay.

The poppies? I don’t know. Honestly, here’s the thing that irritates me about poppy seeds from the store. When a poppy wants to reproduce itself, it makes a seed pod full of like a hundred seeds. When a muffin wants to be a poppy seed muffin, it grabs hundreds of seeds. But when I buy poppy seeds to grow poppies, they give me maybe thirty teeny tiny seeds.

No, give me a pepper shaker full of seeds. They’re not all going to come up. They’re not all going to come up in the right place. So, why not just give me a good handful and give me the same fighting chance to have poppies that poppies and muffins get?

I think there may be a few poppies up, but of course the cat was napping there, so I’m sure he walked off with most of the poppy seed attached to his fur. My hope is to get two viable poppies above ground and thriving and hope that they spread themselves.

3 thoughts on “I’ve Become the Hazelnut Helicopter Parent

  1. When I had poppies, I just bought two plants from the nursery. By the time we left that house there were at least twenty clumps. God, I love those crepe-papery flowers so much.

  2. I’m really glad to hear that. I figure I must luck out and get two up. As for the hazelnut, I’m still not sure what to do.

  3. I bought some flower seeds last month for the first time in years and I was shocked by how few seeds they put in the packet these days. You’re right: they won’t all germinate and some will show up where they are not wanted. I suppose if you were going to start them indoors in one teeny tiny pot each you might be all right, but for outdoor planting this stinks.

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