Sue Allen’s House

As a reward for having to go to the eye doctor, I went to Sue Allen’s still-standing house, which is now a funeral home. The carriage house is where they prepare the bodies. There’s not much left to give you an idea of what it would be like in Sue’s time–a stained glass window that looks like the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a couple of fire places, and the front door are pretty much the only things I thought might have been there when Sue was there.

But it was still pretty damn cool!


This morning, I was listening to Lightning 100 as I came into work and it was whoever was subbing for Mary Brace, not the new guy with the gravelly voice, but the guy who sounds like you’d have fond memories of making out with him at a wedding. Someone will know who I mean.

Anyway, he played this song, which I admit to being quite fond of, even though it’s not for me:

And then he played

And it was tremendous. I’ve spent a lot of time listening and reading people talking about music. I’ve even sat here and tried to talk some myself. But I have no vocabulary for this. I have no way of talking about why these songs work so well back to back, why hearing them next to each other is so perfect, but it is. And the thing is that “guy you’d make out with” seemed to have a “whoa” moment after playing them together, like even he was surprised by the power of hearing them right next to each other, like we’d all heard something occult by accident.

I almost drove by the studio and high-fived him, but I thought it would be weird.