Don’t Hunt Bigfoot

And don’t miss my exciting post outlining why.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Hunt Bigfoot

  1. Well I can’t say I’d be in favor of hunting Bigfoot, I mean, Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) are most certainly endangered.

  2. Jim, I will whoop something up at lunch, if that would make you happy.

    Dolphin, I wonder about that. Look at the Tennessee Coneflower. It was considered endangered, and now it’s not and it’s not like there are suddenly many more places the Tennessee Coneflower grows. We’re just careful to protect the few places they do grow and, as long as no one paves over or puts houses on those place, the Tennessee Coneflowers will do fine.

    If there have only ever been, say 350 Bigfoots, would they really be endangered if there are still 350 of them?

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