I Find Myself the Weirdo

Yesterday, after lunch, I was falling asleep in my chair and feeling grouchy. I really wanted to go for a walk, but women’s dress shoes are just about the opposite of good walking shoes. Plus, I needed to be able to keep an eye on the office.

So, I slipped off my shoes and walked the long hallway over and over until I felt myself waking up and feeling less grouchy.

It was awesome! I mean, I felt foolish the whole time, just pacing up and down the hall for twenty minutes, and then mortified when some folks at the far end saw me and tried to hold the door for me like I might be going down the stairwell and I had to explain that I was just pacing.

But I felt better.

Like a hamster in a cage, but better.


One thought on “I Find Myself the Weirdo

  1. Clearly should have told you about the hydrangea sooner. I’m all about barefoot even outside. Although I don’t recommend it on blacktop or on our campus, the latter because it’s not paved with smooth stuff but with rocky, bumpy stuff full of shells. Ouch. But could leave the other shoes in the car for lunch time walks. I might could join you …

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