Ladders, Monsters, and Birthdays in General

Leave it to the Butcher to know what will cheer me up on a strangely hard birthday. My parents got me a ladder, which is nice and what I needed, but the Butcher remembered me waxing on about some locally made posters and so I woke up this morning to find that I was sharing a bed with a Sasquatch, a yeti, a kraken, and a Loch Ness monster. I’m hoping I can pick up some 11×17 frames fairly easily today because I’d prefer my Dad and the Butcher work together to hang them.

I’m still feeling a little off-kilter. Perhaps birthdays and family and dead family and cat-sitting and country music conferences are just too much all at once.

Still, as the song goes, I hope this day is good.

Ha ha ha, this is exactly why I love Don Williams. It’s not just that his voice is so effortlessly beautiful, it’s that he sings songs that sound like the only kinds of prayers I could ever sincerely pray.

This is a good version, too, because it’s heavy on the mandolin.