Things, Mysterious Things

I can’t help but feel like, if only I could figure out how to use the TSLA’s photo site better, I would be having a better time of this.

I did find this helpful 1862 lithograph. And here are some nice photos. I don’t know why this came up in my Google search, but it is thanks to my Ben Allen research that I know this is not a wedding ring, but a Masonic ring.

But here’s the mysterious thing.

No, not Downtown Presbyterian, which we are all familiar with, I’m sure. Look in the lower left-hand corner. Is that a cemetery?!

Now check this out–the Google Street view of the across the street from the Downtown Presbyterian church now:

Is that plaza a memory of the old church yard? A haunted spot in plain view?

2 thoughts on “Things, Mysterious Things

  1. We’ve got that photo hanging in the history room at Downtown Pres, and I’ve been told that what we’re seeing there is the edge of a stone yard where they carved and sold memorial stones, not an actual cemetery.

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