I Wasn’t Offended. I Was Disappointed and Embarrassed.

I love my job. I love my specific place and I love the larger institution. I have felt very lucky year after year to be there, among such interesting people and I have tried my hardest to make sure that I am contributing interesting things to that institution.

The idea that, if I met a brilliant coach and married him, that my cute, but not gorgeous, fat ass would count against him if he tried to get a job at Vanderbilt?

That doesn’t offend me. It breaks my heart.

Unanswered Questions in Pop Culture History

Who was Jones? How regularly was Jones sent to fuck the singer when her man just didn’t feel up to it? Was she constantly turning Jones away or did she sometimes indulge? Was Jones just not very good? What kind of guy is like “Hey, you’re my friend. Will you go fuck my gal, since I’m not feeling it right now?” What kind of guy says “Sure?”

Christ, serves Jones right that the Missus is at the cafe at six-thirty with someone else.

Oops, Democrats Didn’t Know the Line was that Far Back

Steven Hale has another post about the TNDP and the shock Democratic leaders had upon learning just how few seats the Party thought they could hold. There’s a history here that explains why folks are nervous. The TNDP has, in the past, been happy to provide no support to Democrats they didn’t think had a shot at winning.

They claim things will be different this time, but I don’t blame folks for being nervous that they might be hearing that they’re on their own money-wise.

Good Morning

It’s Walt Whitman‘s birthday and the old fireplace (not the currently used fire pit) seems to be bringing forth either raspberries or black berries. The berries are still small and green, but I have my eye on them. It seems like a good omen.

I think I can finish-finish my draft tonight. I have a coda that I think I don’t want anymore. I want that information, but I think I can move it to the chapter that more deals with that and just let the book end how it ends.

I like it. It’s either terribly hokey or perfect or both. But it works for me.

Today is my Friday since I am attempting to take every Friday this summer off. We’ll see if it’s possible, but I want to. I don’t have money to go anywhere, so I don’t want to sit around my house for two weeks, but I need to use the vacation days and twelve three-day weekends in a row sounds lovely.

I’m going to spend one of them at Traveller’s Rest, where I have never been. I know! I know. I’m rectifying it.